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"It is every mom’s dream to have their daughter follow in their footsteps and at CheriaNorliq, that dream has come true!"

For years, Cheryl and Norveta (Ina) took their daughters, Bria and Ongelique respectively, when they were younger to assist them with designing and decorating events and spaces. Little did they know their daughters were carefully watching and would eventually fall in love with transforming and making spaces look beautiful and creating memorable occasions as well!


Each Mother - Daughter duo worked years separately and recently joined forces to create CheriaNorliq, (Che-ryl and B-ria and Nor-veta and Onge-liq-ue)! With over 35 plus years of experience in customer service, event planning, and commercial interior design, CheriaNorliq vows to merge years of wisdom with fresh innovative ideas to create a memorable ambiance that will be remembered forever. 


Meet Our Team


Cheryl Thompson

Cheryl is a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee but has lived in Atlanta for over 35 years. She has over 25 years in the Event Planning Industry where she has executed events from within corporate America to the large scale weddings. Her outgoing personality and passion for understanding the story behind the event allows her to build deep connections with clients. And this has turned them into repeatable customers. 


Bria Thompson

Bria has a unique eye that is truly one of a kind. Her creative out-of-the-box ideas stemmed from the many forms of artistic expressions she's been exposed to since a child. With Bria's involvement, no event shall ever look the same!


Norveta (Ina) Sherman

Norveta brings over 29 years of Interior Design experience to this company. Her technical skills cobmined with industry best practices gives her the ability to transform indoor and outdoor spaces into functional beautiful works of art. Her keen eye for detail and gift of harmoniously matching colors, fabrics, and textures helps to visually elevate any place or space. 


Ongelique Sherman

Ongelique has been involved with creative elements since high school. She prides herself in focusing on a person's interaction and experience with an event while thinking of cutting-edge design elements to enhance the overall event. 


We want to share our Legacy with you!

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